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This sunset yoga workout flow is perfect for starting or ending your day. Weather you’re looking for a killer ab workout or just to sweat off a stressful day, this yoga workout flow is for you.

By mixing Pilates based core exercises and a yoga flow, this class will make sure you feel amazing, refreshed, and re-energized by the end.

Grab your mat and join me…

Juliana & Mark


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34 Replies to “Yoga Workout For Your Waistline ♥ Beautiful Sunset Core Toning | Tip Of Borneo”

  1. I discovered you when I was sixteen. Now I am almost twenty. You changed my life for the better, and you still do! Every day you are a source of inspiration. You helped me change my body but also my mind. Thank you so much for existing and for taking this journey, helping so many of us! <3

  2. Just amazing. Everything is wonderful, your voice, your class, the surroundings … Just keep doing your videos !
    Lots of love ❤

  3. Hi Juliana and Mark, Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful content, workouts, meditation and nutrition advice. I love working out with you at the most beautiful destinations around the world. I was even surprised to find some Samara Beach workouts. If you ever come back please be our guests. I can only imagine how beautiful a workout will be with the view from Villa Costa del Sol as background! PS. I just love the leggings you’re wearing in this video, can you please tell me where to purchase. Namaste & Pura Vida! Evelyn

  4. Just finished the 7 day One World One Love Workout Challenge! Such a great experience and my abs are noticeably more defined. Going to do some yin yoga the next couple of days to decompress. Much love and gratitude xo

  5. love these workout videos, I have been your regular videos a while but recently started using the workout videos. I love them. Keep up the intensity.

  6. Thank you for these wonderful workouts in pilates and yoga. love the scenery, your riythm and voice. They are challenging and really work.!!

  7. I love these workouts n so healing ,as I hurt my back, but it's getting better with your workouts so thanks😊💗💗

  8. First, I appreciate all your efforts.

    You make people's life changing.

    If you don, 't mind,

    can you tell me

    How long have you been training for yoga?

    I'm doing yoga at home, but sometimes it makes me hopeless.

    I would like to do advanced levels' postures now and then.^^

    I love all your postures.

    And I'm having a great meditation.

  9. Can I request a yoga video like this but with a super long shavasana at the end? That’s one of my favorite parts haha. Or if you have a video with a long shavasana let me know! Thanks!! I love this video I’ve been doing it for years!

  10. malaysian represent <3 <3 just wanna say, i've been following your yoga videos for a year and a half now, and i'm very grateful that you're sharing this with all of us <3 thank you so much!!

  11. 2020 challenge is ON! 🙂 day 3 is going well! Many thanks Julianna & Mark! Have a good day to All or You! 😉

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