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Best Coop Games 2019 PC Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch
Top 10 Coop Games 2019 Best Split Screen Games
Best Couch Coop Games 2019 Best Shared Screen Games
A Way Out Children Of Morta Cuphead Gears 5 Man Of Medan Police Stories Trine 4 Unrailed Unruly Heroes Warhammer Chaosbane
TPS Adventure RPG Psychological Survival Horror Offline Online Shared Screen Split Screen

Top 10 Adventure Games:

Top 10 Free Games:

In this video i show you the Top 10 coop games you should play in 2019, most of them are available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, hope you find this video useful!

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41 Replies to “Top 10 Coop Games You Should Play In 2019”

  1. Don't forget to leave a like if this video helped you find a couple of good coop games! 😜👍

    Honorable mentions: RICO, God's Trigger, Darksiders Genesis, Borderlands 3 (no splitscreen on pc)

    PS: Sorry for the lack of videos guys, my new job is taking most of my time… I'll do my best to upload at least twice a month though!

  2. I'm kinda of offended that he just basically said the robot sucks in Gears 5. I have you know he was the real main character of this story. Plus let's be honest, the hijack ability is pretty cool to use (even tho you can only use it for chapters 3-4)

  3. dude you helped me a lot, me and my friend were bored so I saw this video and played all the games you said, all are great

  4. Not click bait? Quality? No title telling me i "NEED" to play these games? You can catch this fucking like my guy

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