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Created by Henry Reich
Production and Writing Team: Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, and Henry Reich
Video Concept and Writing: Ferris Jabr
Music by Nathaniel Schroeder:

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Video of dodder vine moving towards host. PBS.


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37 Replies to “The Secret Social Life of Plants”

  1. So vegans believe it's okay to kill plants but not animals because animals do feel pain, but plants don't right.But what if an animal is killed in way which produces no pain and suffering to the animal. Does that make it okay to kill the animal?

  2. 1:24 imagine that you Are minding your own business and suddenly a vine shoots at you a million killometers an hour and quickly covers you and you die from lack of sunlight

  3. Plant: *gets cut and releases a scent to warn other plants *
    Humans: what a nice smell, reminds me of summer
    Other plants: F*ck! We're gonna die!

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