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GTA 5 Megalodon Shark Attack on this Secret Location!
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33 Replies to “The Biggest Shark in GTA 5 History Found! (Megalodon Shark Attack)”

  1. جةضقناهثنرخرعلثنخزهلثن٨رعب٣هخا٨لثنحويم هدهبثت٩رفثصهمزعدب

  2. Lmao, literally just a normal shark that has been enlarged, and not even the physics, just the visual part. Look at how horrible the textures are because of it. At the end with all the people standing there, was probably done in Director Mode by adding those "Actors" in and then the shark, which is 100% a mod. Nice effort though, I'm sure you probably got plenty of 12 year olds to try this 🤣

  3. What i Will do in the Moment i see that Shark? * Gets veichle control * Fuck this SHIT im out mhmhmh

  4. Just imagine you swim and you see the shark first and then someone else gets extra credit for it I would have been pissed

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