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Why does my heart flutter when I only heard his voice?
Who is the man with the honey-glazed voice??
The CEO’s suit-look + eyes make me crazy… TTT
Earphones are a must again today ♬♩♪♩

»»————-  ————-««

Thank you sincerely to all the viewers of our pilot show Hello, Stranger.
We tell a story about what it means to be comforted while living a busy life in modern society.
If you show lots of love for this show you will be able to see the full drama sometime soon!!!
With this final episode, we are finished with our pilot series.
From next week, you will be able to watch full-length series like before. Stay tuned and expectant, as much as we are also excited to be releasing new content for all of our viewers!

– From Playlist Pilot Team –

[Playlist x Heartit]
Curious about the clothes worn by the leads in Hello, Stranger?
Check out the styling done by #heartit, the fashion media outlet.
See clothing:


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– Wed/Sun 7 p.m.(KST, GMT +9) : Story of the students
– Thu/Sat 7 p.m.(KST, GMT +9) : Story of the young adults(or office workers)

– Cast –
Ha-joo Ahn : Lee Seol
S : Jae-jung Park(Voice Actor)
Li-eon Lee : Gun-hee Song
Hyuk-woo Paek : Jae-geun Park


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20 Replies to “Secrets Are Our Secret | Hello, Stranger – EP.02 (Click CC for ENG sub)”

  1. I'm sad. I really like the story. It's easy on the eyes, very soft, and warm. But… Would there be a release of the rest of the episodes?.. or was it cut off just like that? 😢

  2. So did this series just never get finished? There's something very nice to this series, it def seems more mature & interesting then some of the other cutesy teen dramas on this channel…if it's not complete, i hope u all revisit it some day 😊

  3. Actually if you look at the description box, it says the voice actor that do the guy on the phone and the actors that do her boss and the guy who massaged her are not the same, so it means it's neither of them. The boss just took the USB and heared the conversation about their secret, so he lied to her. So at the end, we still have no idea who the guy is !

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