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Checking out the most useful IT tool ever!! A multi-ISO bootable USB drive Called ventoy!! thanks to a member on my discord for showing me this tool! i can never leave home without it.

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29 Replies to “Multi-ISO Bootable USB drive – Ventoy quick look”

  1. if you having a problem, please make sure your using the release version

  2. If you don't want to do all that with the terminal run it in MS Windows, It's a simple unzip point and click.

  3. Why use florid phrases in a training video? The amazing property of the author of the video simple things to make difficult to understand ordinary users, although I understand, not everyone is given pedagogical talent, and those who are in the subject, them just as news. Is that the point of the video?

  4. hey is it posible to do somehting like this but then over PXE ? drop in isos and select from the menu on the client

  5. what linux distrubution are you currently using on ur pc as your main go to daily driver please lemme kno

  6. Why is the name so difficult to remember? I will forget the name of it if I need to use it in the future.

  7. In ventroy it does not detect the hard disk where as it work fine on normal bootable pendrive…why is that ?

  8. dose not work, when installing windows 10 it halts and says no driver found, and wont install, but if i use rufus it works

  9. Is Ventoy software is clean none spyware and protect user privacy?
    If I use this to install Windows, and I type my product key and Microsoft account,
    Does Ventoy software keep my keystrocks?

  10. 19 engines detected this file on virus total Link:

  11. So I have partitionated an HDD, and I want to run ventoy from this new little partition….is it possible, isn't it?

  12. The current meta for creating uefi bootable flash drives is really dumb, This is better but still a stop gap I prefer using my phone as a virtual dvd drive.

  13. The listing on the git page is not too accurate, many of the LISTED ISO's don't work unless you have the SPECIFIC release used. I have tested MANY ISO's with Ventoy, many look like they are working but installs or live sessions mostly fail. You CANNOT use both Windows and linux ISO's on the same stick for some reason, I have tried and it fails. It will not allow OLDER Windows systems ISO's either, it cannot install XP from an ISO, anything below Windows Vista WILL NOT WORK. I assume this is because of the grub bootloader, it never has liked FAT32 or NTFS all that much. Ventoy also has BIG issues when you attempt to run multiple PE Disks from ISO payloads. Most of the tools in the PE disks do not install or will not open. They DO work perfectly if the PE ISO is the ONLY thing on the USB. Whilst it is handy to carry around 60 linux ISO's on one USB and be able to use any system at anytime, if you want to have linux, Windows and repair disks on USB, then you will still need three USB sticks to do it. The list of ISO's I have tested (still growing) so far is here if anyone is interested. Video showing Hiren's Boot CD's in use, ISO list is in the description :

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