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This is the longplay of the game Super Mario Bros 3, developed and published by Nintendo for NES!

The story begins in a period where, thanks to the efforts of Mario and Luigi, the Kingdom of the Mushroom was at peace. However, this same kingdom forms an entrance to the World of Mushrooms, where things go from bad to worse. Bowser sent his seven children to the different worlds to do their mischief as they pleased. There, each one of them stole the scepters of the kings and turned them into animals. It is now up to our fellow plumbers to retrieve the scepters and return the kings to their original forms with the help of Princess Peach, who communicates with the heroes through letters. All, however, was nothing more than a distraction so Bowser could capture Princess Peach. With this “whimsical” story, we begin our adventure in the World of Mushrooms.

Super Mario Bros. 3 showed everything the Nintendo console could offer – a tuned soundtrack, perfect gameplay, beautiful graphics and well-crafted scenarios. The result was a great commercial success. Super Mario Bros. 3 sold almost 18 million copies worldwide, thus the individual game (without being sold along with a console) best-selling in the history of videogames.


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40 Replies to “[LONGPLAY] NES – Super Mario Bros 3 (HD, 60FPS)”

  1. Hello friends, how are you? As I write this post, this video has exceeded 1 million views. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the demonstrations of affection and joy with my work. If it were not for you who accompany me, I would not have gotten far. In response to requests and as promised on Christmas, I released the video of the GBA version. In this GBA video I took great care to get everything done, to pick up the flutes, the white mushroom houses (which are blue in this version), all stages completed and also more secrets, like a ship full of coins. I can consider this a 100% run. Many different game videos will come, classic or modern, i love games. Thank you so much for everything!

    Here the video of the GBA version:

  2. My son just got this game for the family it brings a lots of good memories I used to play this game 30 years ago 🤣😁☺️👍

  3. This Mario definitely takes me back to one of my good friends house playing this every time I came over because I had all Mario games but this one.

  4. START WORLD 1- 000K score tiny_mario x4 lives
    START WORLD 2- 180K score fire_mario x55 lives
    START WORLD 3- 348K score tail_mario x85 lives
    START WORLD 4- 547K score frog_mario xMAX lives
    START WORLD 5- 691K score bear_with_tail_mario xMAX lives
    START WORLD 6- 917K score tail_mario xMAX lives
    START WORLD 7- 1.145M score hammer_mario xMAX lives
    START WORLD FINAL- 1.319M score fire_mario xMAX lives

  5. Előkerült, Nintendo Wii és jó pár játék! Öreg vagyok, nekem ez elég! Csak segítség kellene! Mit és hogy. Köszi!

  6. Omg… I had no idea that if you killed 10+ guys without touching the group you get a 1-up for each afterwards. Mind … Blown.

  7. thanks for helping me out im playing this game on my nintendo switch and needed some help on some levels i wish nintendo still had the power line when they would help kids on levels thx for helping

  8. My friend once tricked by telling me that world 4 was the Mario version for people with bad vision. Lol🤣

  9. You didn't die once or even get, and I play this game o my Chinese arcade but how do you the. That thing o. The bottom and how do you get so many lives I can only go up to ten lives and I still can't get through world 2 yet.

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