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Evolution of Battlefield 2002 – 2019.

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All Battlefield games in the Evolution:
Battlefield 1942 – 2002
Battlefield Vietnam – 2004
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat – 2005
Battlefield 2 – 2005
Battlefield 2142 – 2006
Battlefield: Bad Company – 2008
Battlefield Heroes – 2009
Battlefield 1943 – 2009
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – 2010
Battlefield Online – 2010
Battlefield Play4Free – 2011
Battlefield 3 – 2011
Battlefield 4 – 2013
Battlefield Hardline – 2015
Battlefield 1 – 2016
Battlefield V or Battlefield 5 – 2018
BONUS: Codename Eagle – 1999

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31 Replies to “Evolution of Battlefield 2002 – 2019”

  1. Which is your favorite Battlefield game and why? Comment below!
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  2. Most nostalgic: BF3
    Best destruction: BF4
    most fun and chaotic: BF1

    All great games, love them all..


    BF5: A huge lump of shit

    Plus I don't choose a game to be my favourite because it is nostalgic, or it was good years ago, I choose a game I like now, and is my favourite now, that is BF1

  3. Wow. Didnt know Battlefield wasnt cod online
    Came here to see How It grew up and im impressed
    I guess the reason for me not to know Battlefield until know is that i life in never got my hands into an xbox

  4. Best Maps: BC2
    Best Destruction: BC2
    Best Sound: BC2
    Best Visuals: BF3
    Best Gameplay: BF3
    Best Mods: BF2
    Best Way to Kill a Franchise: BF5

  5. I remember playing the Battlefield 1942 pacific maps and being amazed like "WOW they made new cool pacific theatre uniforms for the us troops"
    Simpler times.

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