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Have you come across businesses on Facebook who use a Facebook video cover instead of a static image?

Didn’t you think it would be great if you could add your very own a Facebook video cover to your page since it’s the first thing visitors will see when they come across your business?

The power of videos is undeniable as it instantly grabs your audience’s attention.

The problem is, how can you add a video cover to your Facebook page when you don’t have a big budget or the skills to do it.

In this video, I am showing you how to create a Facebook video cover for your business page without spending a dime and without any prior knowledge in video making.

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to add your very own video cover for free and show the world what your business is all about in just a few seconds.

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26 Replies to “Create a Facebook Cover Video in Minutes (FOR FREE)”

  1. Thank you so much for the video!!!!! You are awesome!!! STEP BY STEP, thank you!!! By the way, for those of you who has the watermark and the bell sound every 1-2 seconds, its not that you have to pay for it. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK ACTIVATE. Once you have Activated, you can download and export the video without watermarks and bell sounds. Hope this helps.

  2. One thing didn't mention and it destroyed the whole effort of my video editing after watching it- that is- Hitfilm fucking imprints a watermark!!!

    Do no watch this video 🚫

  3. He talks too much than real content. I was trying to find a more easiest way to make fb cover video even i knew a more easier way to make fb cover video. LOL! Your video is more useless than i know how to make a fb cover video.

  4. Very very Good turtorial step by step….. I prefer to get the list e.g No.1 Creat the page on FB No.2 creat the video on Fb… we can select it easier Thankssssss.

  5. Thats really helpful…
    But it wil b great full if u suggest something about shopping online page ..
    I request u personally to make a vdo for same.

  6. Thank you for the video. As I try to export my video it is saying “error bad allocation,” after it gets to about 3%. Do you think you could help?

  7. hello sir,i had tried but it's not free now. also, i had created my own video but when applied upload Fb says your photo not smaller 4mb

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