6 Steps to Prevent Metabolic SLOWDOWN (QuickStart Guide)

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What Exactly Is the “Metabolic slowdown”?

As we age our resting metabolic rate (RMR) is decreasing. What is the real-world consequence of this? Put simply, when we are 20 years old and sit down, we burn approx. 100 calories per hour, this is the energetic cost of our organs keeping us alive. However, when we are older, the energetic cost is decreasing. Therefore, even with the diet and calorie intake unchanged, we are starting to store more of our food as fat.

Simple explanation behind this could the progressive loss of muscle mass as we age. Muscle is highly metabolically active tissue and its loss could potentially explain the decrease in RMR. Nevertheless, is this the only change that occurring while we age? Being more active and doing resistance training in order to increase muscle mass is certainly beneficial.

In one German research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they assessed 216 elderly individuals. Their RMR was measured by indirect calorimetry and their body composition was assessed by bioelectrical impedance. The results of elderly people were compared to 226 young healthy individuals. The conclusion of this study was that the decrease of RMR can not solely be explained by the change in body composition associated with ageing. Authors suggested that other factors involved in the metabolic slowdown are the decrease in metabolic activity of highly energetically demanding organs like heart, kidneys or liver.

Vitamin D and Sarcopenia

Step 1 – Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements

In a study published in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, they examined 56 elderly subjects with vitamin D deficiency. After supplementation with a vitamin D and calcium, their lower limb strength was increased. This mechanism is possibly facilitated by the signalling pathway triggered after the binding of vitamin D onto its receptor. This pathway was shown to regulate the differentiation and proliferation of myoblasts – the muscle stem cells.

Promoting Mitochondrial Biogenesis

In a study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and cited more than 550 times in other publications, it was found that as we age the number of mitochondria in our skeletal muscle decreases. As the contraction of muscle fibres is dependent on the ATP produced in mitochondria, our strength is diminishing with the loss of mitochondria.

Step 2 – Be Careful with Certain Supplements

In the study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, it was found that two popular antioxidants vitamin E and α-lipoic acid decrease the expression of the PGC-1α.

Step 3 – Promoting the PGC-1α with Supplementation

Step 4 – Augmenting your Diet with Foods Supporting Mitochondrial Biogenesis

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Promoting Thermogenesis and Fat Beiging

Step 5 – Cold Exposure to Activate Highly Metabolically Active Fat

Step 6 – Foods Promoting Brown Fat Activation or White Fat Beiging
Capsaicin and Capsinoids
Green tea (EGCG)
Fish (EPA)
Red Grapes and red wine (Resveratrol)


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  • If you're going to talk so much about the MITOCHONDRIUM; please learn to use MITOCHONDRIA only for the plural
    Saying "the MITOCHONDRIA is…."
    Is like saying "DOGS is man's best friend"
    It just makes you sound ignorant to those of us who actually understand biochemistry.

  • A simple google search will confirm that alpha lipoic acid (amazing for mitochondrial health) UPREGULATES and increases PGC-1 alpha which reverses senescence (aged cells). So DON’T toss your alpha lipoic acid out! I love Thomas, but find he’s brain farting from time-to-time.

  • thanks for that video……try to implement your tips! I am 45 and I see a huge difference to my metabolism now compared to my metabolism 10 years ago….

  • You know … I went out and bought PQQ. And C and D3 and zinc, and magnesium. I have a shelf heavy with vitamins. I was looking at my stash and I suddenly said to myself, “This isn’t right.” All these supplements are not how nature meant it to be. We are of and from the Earth. The Earth has provided all that we need and in the correct portions. Eat Real Food and ditch the supplements. You want PQQ? Eat a kiwi. You want vitamin C? Eat a kiwi or some citrus. You want D? Eat oily fish or sit in the sun. It’s all there and so much more in terms of micronutrients and fiber, etc. All these vitamins and supplements are just hacks and probably as foreign to our bodies as manmade, processed junk. Tom, do a segment on Real Food.

  • Hard to keep up with whether or not Thomas recommends a supplement or not. Now alpha lipoic acid is not a good idea?? https://youtu.be/MlHMtr2gXUw

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  • Hello Thomas! I have a question about keto/fasting and training. My family and I are currently on keto diet, we practice 20/4 fasts and 24 hours fast once a week. We also train with weights. My question is regarding my cousin:
    She is 22 years old, height 169 cm, weight 58,5 kgs. She looks quite chubby though 😅 just started practicing IF 4 weeks ago, she is on low carb since January, during quarantine she trains 12 times a week (2 times a day 6 days a week=4 cardio workouts, 8 with weights). She eats about 1300-1500 cal a day two times a day. The problem is that she is not losing much weight or fat. Could it be that she is overtrained? Or what could it be that she be doing wrong? I am 36 years old, 160 cm, 48,7 kgs (lost 3,8 kilos in the last 4 weeks) i train weights 4-5 times a week 45 mins per time, I have very good results. But my cousin just seems to be doing something completely wrong 🤔

  • Thomas,

    What’s a good routine utilizing cold, curcumin, and PQQ?

    Pre-workout: PQQ + green tea
    Post-workout: curcumin + sauna (5-10 min)
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    Does that make good use of these ingredients?


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