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Exercise your brain with a set of zombie riddles and emoji games! These visual puzzles will test your attentiveness and increase your logical thinking. This portion of riddles will be a perfect brain workout for mystery and emoji puzzles lovers! Be sure to check these brain games out and share your answers in the comments:

00:14 – Guess the emoji game! Test your logic and general knowledge with a set of picture riddles!
02:07 – A portion of visual puzzles to improve your attentiveness and vision! Can you find a zombie here?
04:07 – A set of visual puzzles with emojis! Boost your vision and find the odd one out!
06:06 – One of Zombieville’s citizens stole a body from a cemetery! Who did it? Talk to the suspects and find the criminal!
07:16 – Guess the animal by the emojis! It’s a small set of emoji puzzles to test your logic! A fun brain workout for kids and adults 🙂
09:09 – Here is a set of visual puzzles to boost your attention and logic! Who is the zombie?
10:37 – Who can Charlie save? Increase your IQ and analytical skills with this difficult brain teaser!
12:04 – A classic riddle on escape where you have to choose one door to save yourself! Which one will you choose this time? Give an answer before you run out of time!
13:42 – Hey, zombie experts, can you solve this visual test and find out who is not a zombie?🤔

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles do you like the most 🙂

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